Neoventure is a leading PCO (Professional Conference Organizer) headquartered in Shanghai, China. We produce premium business events for business people across a wide range of industrial sectors. The conferences, seminars, training courses produced by Neoventure is hosted throughout the Asia Pacific region, which includes some major economic and industrial centers of Australia, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Unite Arab Emirates, Myanmar, Vietnam, Turkey, and elsewhere.

As a dedicated B2B service provider, we are honored to be associated with some of the most prestigious names in today commercial world. Understanding their ever-changing needs for business development purposes, we are able to produce and to manage event products of greater relevance to the natures of their business.

Our Mission

Neoventure produces and executes top leveled B2B events for business leaders to conduct profitable business in Asian most promising industries.

Our Vision

Neoventure is to become a synonym for EASY business.

The Value of Events

As a specialized event manager, Neoventure aims to build a better platform for professionals getting face-to-face meetings to connect business minds.

Organizations are now beginning to recognize the irreplaceable role of face-to-face meetings in solidifying relationships... -- MPI Meetings Deliver Whitepaper.

Face-to-face interactions power business even in an always-connected digital world which is the inherent value of participating in an event. Events offer an opportunity for customers to discover new ideas, products, and services. By participating in event, buyers will obtain first-hand peer reviews, interact with meaning full content, and make new business connections; and companies can build trust and inspire new cooperation. All of this happens in a face-to-face setting which simply cannot be replaced by online or offline communications.

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), face-to-face interaction continues to have significant value when it comes to delivering on a company marketing plan. Based on CEIR report, it will cost $215 to make fist face-to-fact contact with a potential customer with an event lead instead of $1,039 without. And with an event lead, it will cost $215 to identify a potential customer which is $200 cheaper than without.



14 FEB

Neoventure is venturing into its 7th year in 2015 with more than 50 events organized in 9 countries and 3 continents. We are growing and expanding.

06 FEB

The footprint of Neoventure events is expanding to Turkey with the 2nd MENA Nuclear Energy Summit 2015.

25 JAN

Ministry of Planning and Investment, Laos PDR confirms to Co-organize the 2nd Greater Mekong Sub-region Power Summit with Neoventure Corporation.

18 JAN

3rd Offshore Convention: Myanmar 2015 successfully concluded in January in Yangon, Myanmar with the blessing of the support and endorsement from Ministry of Energy, Union Republic of Myanmar.