Sales activities within the power and oil and gas markets are complex and time-consuming. Reaching new markets and new projects takes effort. A combination of strategic targeting based on market and follow through on leads yields results.

Neoventure can support you in achieving your international sales potential in a number of ways:

Full representation

Our representation services in China, Vietnam, Laos, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Bhutan , Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines and the Middle East. We offer a comprehensive package that includes results sales representation, key account management, multilingual customer service and telemarketing campaigns to lapsed subscribers in English languages. Our sales teams research leads, visit potential customers, give demonstrations, arrange trial access and negotiate prices for project. Reporting is a key element of our service and we provide a quarterly feedback of prospects and current and projected sales revenues. We attend energy and power related events and conferences on our own behalf to arrange meetings to attract target audiences.

Mid- and lower-tier sales representation

If you already have a sales team in place then you will want them to concentrate on the larger accounts. This does not have to mean sacrificing revenues from smaller accounts. Neoventure can provide affordable sales representation focusing on winning and retaining profitable business from these smaller accounts.

Lead generation

Research and developing leads takes valuable time that could be spent actively selling. Free up your sales team by giving management of the lead generation process to Neo. Once we have identified and prioritized leads, we will pass them to your sales team for follow-through.

Sales strategy consultancy

If direct sales is new to you or you simply want to benefit from our broad experience, then we can provide you with an overview of your sales potential and a recommended approach for maximizing revenues.

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