6-7, November 2018


Caesar Metro Hotel
Taipei, Taiwan

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Taiwan Offshore 2018

Taiwan Offshore Wind Energy Summit 2018

The offshore wind resource around Taiwanese coast is considered abundant. More than 6,000MW potential capacity at water depths of less than 50m and with 16 of 20 best offshore wind sites in the world, Taiwan is considered as one of the most outstanding locations for offshore wind energy exploration.

Bureau of Energy, Taiwan aims to reach 5,500MW of offshore wind energy by 2025. Apart from 738MW will be completed by Swancor and WPD before 2020, the remaining around 4,800MW project will be completed from 2021 to 2025. Also, future plan is being made to add another 5000-6000MW installed capacity of offshore wind after 2025, where both the bid-winners and the new-comers are all anxious about and would like to take a share.

Given that it also takes time to get the construction permit and the promise scheme from the Bureau of Energy, the project developers of the market who have to complete the project from 2021 to 2025, need to identify capable local partners and find suitable international suppliers no later than June of 2020. In this regard, the practical matching-making between foreign and local is of demand at present.

For 2nd TOWES 2018, we are dedicated to building a networking and match-making platform for all concerned industrial players to share knowledge and to exchange business contacts in this emerging market. What TOWES 2018 can provide is not only the topical sessions to deeply understand the market intelligence, but also to get connected with key project developers and potential technology partners in Taiwan.

We look forward to welcoming you to Taipei this November!

Topical Highlights

• Status Quo of Offshore Wind Development in Taiwan
• Updates of Awarded Projects and the Development Timelines
• Local Offshore Supply Chain: Challenges and Opportunities
• Regional Outlook for Offshore Wind Development in East Asia
• Lessons Learnt for Offshore Wind Development in Europe
• Financing Offshore Wind Deals

You Can Expect in Vietnam Solar Energy Summit 2018:

• 300+ Industry Stakeholders
• 5GW of Projects
• 20+ Exhibitors
• Match-making