Tendering & Procurement Business

As one of the preeminent companies engaged in international tendering business, Neoventure has always stayed as the leader in the field of domestic tendering and procurement. Relying on its complete top-tender qualification, a group of professional tendering teams with high business skills, rich practice experience and great dedication, wide market network information and public relation channels, the company has contracted a large number of international financial organization loans, foreign government loans and within-owned tendering, government procurement projects, covering energy, railway, highway, bridge, airport construction, urban railway transportation, electric power, ship, port industry, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, textile, building materials, medicine and health, postal and telecommunications, urban construction, environmental protection and many other areas. Meanwhile, the company has also been undertaking large and medium-sized national civil works, electromechanical equipment and technology, government tendering and procurement, and tendering agency business, as well as providing project legal person, BOT, project supervision, planning, design, and other tendering consulting services.

Resource Commodities Business

Neoventure has established long-term cooperative relationships with resource commodities traders in China, South Asia, Southeast Asia in order to jointly expand the business. Currently, Neoventure has formed stable sales channels and business models in the fields of cement, rubber, iron ore (powder), aluminum liquid and aluminum ingot, bauxite, iron ore and coke. It is gradually expanding its operation scale and improving the profit level.

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