Investment Advisory

The mission of Neoventure’s investment advisory service is to facilitate cooperation among key stakeholders of a development project. We are capable of representing both buyers and sellers to achieve their project collaboration objectives.

As the Buy-side Advisor, we assist the investors indentify suitable investment objects and to grant the full support throughout the deal transaction process:

• Understanding of the investment intent 
• Identification of project leads and clarification of the developer’s expectation 
• Suggesting the partnership structure 
• Negotiating the roles and responsibilities of the counterparties 
• Facilitating term sheet negotiation 
• MOU signing 
• Other deal transaction support 

As the Sell-side Advisor, we support project developers in terms of the followings:

• Suggesting project partnership models 
• Identification of suitable investors 
• Recommending professional service partners 
• Facilitating commercial negotiations with investors 
• Contractors and OEMs recommendation 
• Other deal transaction support 

Emerging Market Insights

Our market research team conducts regular studies on investment opportunities in emerging markets. We release free market briefings to our clients helping them understand the essentials of the challenges and opportunities presented by different marekts. 

Our extensive network of key stakeholders in the emerging markets grant us the capabilities of providing our clients with down-to-the-ground market insights and deal opportunities.

For more information regarding our service capabilities and deal track-record, please send you inquiries to