Expert Consultation

With our extensive business networks with government agencies, industrial associations, opinion-leaders and other private sector experts, we provide expert consultancy service to our customers in the form of one-on-one consultation, research report on specific commercial and technical topics.

It’s a cost effective way for our customers to study a specific market before committing a serious market entry strategy.


Policy Consultation

We arrange peer-to-peer consultation sessions for our customers to meet with local opinion-leaders for market insights.


Technical Consulting

We undertake technical consultancy request from our customers inclusive of grid study, wind and solar resources mapping, site survey, and others.


Capacity Building

We tailor-made training courses for our customers’ business development team to understand the local value chain and opportunities for their business.


Development Support

We provide project development advisories for our customers to develop greenfield renewable energy projects in emerging markets.

Brokerage & Match-making

Our extensive network of both local and international developers and investors puts us in a position to help both sides source most suitable partners for their projects.

We are experienced in providing M&A advisory services with a main focus on both RTB and COD stage renewable energy projects. Till now, our team has advised 695MW of solar power projects and 250MW of wind power projects.