Career Development



In Neoventure, our greatest achievements depend on the career development of our employees. We devote all available resources and efforts to helping you to succeed. To become one of the best employers in the industry, we offer systematic training courses introducing our business models and working techniques to encourage you develop a career instead of only working here. Your skills and talents will not be wasted with us.


Employee Training

Systematic courses and one-on-one tutor program will ensure you get the best training and retaining in the industry.


Rotation of Job Functions

In most cases, you may be 100% clear of your career objectives. Neoventure will give you a chance to develop a career as a professional sales person, a creative producer, a capable marketing executive or even a project manager through our job rotation program.


Tutor Program

Our one-on-one tutor program will help you grow faster then you expected. A comprehensive tutoring program covers career planning and development, industry research capabilities, sales and marketing techniques, and interpersonal skill.

Our tutor will help you to: 
• Set short term and long term career targets; 
• Adopt appropriate work methods; 
• Dig out your potentials and to fulfill them in your career; 
• Evaluate your performance objectively; 
• Understand the culture of the company;