[Long An] Chapter

Promoting Sustainable Manufacturing in Vietnam

23.06.2022 | 15:00 - 18:00

Venue: Cong Doan Palace

Address: 139 Nguyen Thai Binh, Ward 3, Tân An City, Long An


Program Overview

The biggest challenge facing developing countries is the headache about “energy”. When could we achieve a sustainable development while still not applying renewable energy?
Renewable energy is the future currently being applied by advanced countries in which solar power and rooftop solar will be the most feasible and practical solutions.
Our series of on-site workshops would be held in all potential provinces for rooftop solar power projects in Vietnam, aiming to acknowledge you why and how to deploy a rooftop solar system, especially manufacturing enterprises. With specific topics delivered by experts in the industry, we believe the seminars will help attendees better understand how to install and operate a rooftop solar power system as well as the technical requirements, the benefits for your business when installing rooftop solar system.

What You Will Learn from the Event

  • The benefits of deploying rooftop solar power system on your manufacturing facility
  • Process of developing a self-consumption rooftop solar power project
  • How to apply and regsiter internationally recognized Environmental Attributes Certificates
  • Technical basics of a solar power system and how it can be integrated into your
    existing power supply system
  • Key terms and conditions on the Corporate Power Purchase Agreement

Who Shall Participate

  • Factory Owners
  • Industrial Park Developers and Operators
  • Government Departments (DOIT, EVN, DPI, IPC, and others)
  • RTS Investors
  • Business Associations and Chambers of Commerce
  • Installers, Distributors and EPCs
  • Key System Suppliers
  • Consultants (Technical, Tax & Legal, Financing)

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Tentative Agenda (GMT+7)

Open Speech

Why and How to deploy Rooftop Solar Power System

Technical Introduction of a Rooftop Solar Power System

Tea Break

Technical Introduction of a Rooftop Solar Power System

Renewable Energy Certificate (RECs/IRECs)

Q&A Section

Cocktail Party


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