Founded in 1997, Trina Solar Co., Ltd (“Trina Solar”), one of the earliest Chinese solar companies listed on the NYSE, is the leading total solution provider for solar energy around the world. Trina Solar has so far delivered about 40 GW solar modules worldwide. It is estimated that Trina could help reduce approximately 40 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

Equipped with a strong capacity of R&D, Trina Solar has developed and launched a full range of solar solutions, including smart modules, smart systems, energy storage and smart O&M. In its downstream businesses, Trina Solar provides project development, financing, design, construction, and O&M, as well as one-stop system integration solutions for customers. Up to now, the Company has connected nearly 2 GW solar projects to grids around the world.

As a global leading provider for PV module and smart energy solution, Trina Solar first launched the Energy IoT brand, and is now aiming to be the global leader of the New Energy Internet of Things. In 2018, Trina Solar initiated the Trina Energy IoT Industrial Development Alliance with leading enterprises and research institutes at home and abroad. Aiming to co-establish the energy IoT ecosystem, Trina Solar built the innovation platform – the New Energy IoT Industrial Innovation Center – to explore the New Energy IoT with multiple partners.

Trina Solar highly values and invests in environment, health, and safety. The Company has been ranked as one of the top 3 PV module manufacturing companies in the world, because of its great product quality and exceptional safety record. Due to its outstanding record of protecting the environment and labor rights, in 2017 and 2018 Trina Solar was awarded two successive Gold level of recognition in the Corporate Social Responsibility performance survey conducted by EcoVadis, an independent rating agency in Europe. At the end of 2018, Trina Solar won the Enterprise Award of the China Industrial Awards and became the first photovoltaic company to receive this honor, leading the photovoltaic companies to a new level.

The Company has set up localized teams, including a team of installers, as well as distributors and partners, across the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and North America. Trina’s employees have worked hard to build the Company into a leader of sustainability in the PV industry worldwide. The Company’s premium PV modules provide clean and reliable solar energy worldwide to residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects around the world. In 2016, 2017 and 2018, Trina Solar was rated the Top Bankable Module Supplier by Bloomberg New Energy Finance for three times in succession. In a survey involving 50 major PV module brands around the world, all respondents believed that Trina’s modules were bankable. The brand of Trina Solar has been well recognized in the global market.

In recognition of the company’s tremendous contributions to advancing PV-generated electricity towards grid-parity, and in promoting the adoption of solar energy, in 2010 Trina Solar was selected as the first solar industrial shaper worldwide in the Global Growth Company Community of the World Economic Forum. In June 2014, Jifan Gao, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trina Solar, was elected the first Chairman of the newly-established China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA), and was reelected as the Chairman for a second term in October 2017. Mr. Gao has been serving two terms as the Co-Chairman of the Global Solar Council since 2015.

The Trina Solar State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology is one of the first state key laboratories based in companies and accredited by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Trina Solar has attracted a strong technology innovation team that is made up of excellent fellows and experts from both home and abroad. The Company cooperates with outstanding R&D centers, certification authorities and testing organizations around the world. The company has filed more than 1,000 patents, far ahead of its Chinese peers, and leads the way in setting international standards. Trina Solar has developed into a leading solar industry innovator and industry standard setter.

The Trina Solar State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology was also written into a World Economic Forum case study which examined the cooperation between global solar companies and various public sectors that promote innovation. The laboratory so far has broken 18 world records in PV cell efficiency and module output.

Trina Solar is actively stepping up its pace of globalization and the development of its senior leadership team. Over the last few years, the Company has been able to attract and retain an international team of senior managers and researchers from more than 30 nations and regions. The Company established its regional headquarters in Zurich, San Jose, Tokyo, Singapore and Mexico, and opened offices in Madrid, Milan, Sydney, Beijing, and Shanghai. Trina’s PV products have been distributed to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. In 2016, the Company continued to strategically expand its global manufacturing bases, specifically in some emerging economies. Its manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam have been successful in creating a much closer relationship between the Company and its international customers.

Guided by Trina’s core corporate values of “Customer-Centric, Open-Mindedness, Dedication, and Excellence”, Trina Solar strives to lead the field of global PV industry and build a lasting business that seeks to bring cleaner, greener and more sustainable energy to people all over the world.