VSUN SOLAR is a global high-tech company providing high-performance solar modules for reliable green power generation. VSUN was founded in June 2015 with an investment from Japan. Relying on robotic equipment, professional management, and technical team, VSUN always commits to the development of efficient and intelligent products.

VSUN has implemented an elaborate plan on capacity expansion. The annual production was upgraded to 1GW in 2019 and it continues to be delivered to residential, commercial, utility and off-grid projects all around the world. VSUN products are not only designed to extend the lifetime value of solar power station assets, but also help to minimize the downtime, enhance safety availability, and maximize energy generation & profit acquisition. VSUN employees are committed to building a world free of fossil fuels. Our goal is to promote the application of solar technology in the world and to provide clean and sustainable energy for humanity to better protect our environment.

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